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370 Carbon brush micro dc motor 370 Carbon brush micro dc motor LRc370CA-09770/42C
High quality carbon brush dc motor
Out diameter 24.4mm with changable motor length
Available on brushless dc motor structure with same size
Typical appliaciton for office automation equipment as printer,copy machine
Also for precision instruments as vending machine

Contact your selles manager for Other type of Specification of LRC370
Main model of 370 motor:
Available to made by 3V, 6V, 10V, 12V, 24VDC

Operation Parameters of model LRc370CA-09770/42CE
Rated Voltage 10V DC CONSTANT
Rated Current 40mA
Rated Load Speed 1522±10% rpm
Operating Voltage Range 8V-15V DC CONSTANT
Rated Load 65g.cm by pulley load
No Load Speed 2060±10% rpm
No Load Current 15mA max
Output Power 0.26W
Insulation Resistance 1.0MΩ(min) (DC100V)
between motor terminal and motor metal housing.
Dielectric Strength AC 100V (50-60Hz) for one minute,
between motor terminal and motor metal housing
Noise <32dB    1m
Working Environment Temperature -40℃--+85℃
Humidity 30%  to  95%
Starting Voltage: 9VDC
Working Life 800 hours (min) total running time at normal condition.
Direction of Rotation CCW.as shaft above
Motor Position Motor to be held with shaft horizontally.
LRC370 carbon brush dc motor drawing