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DCP35 micro BLDC water pump DCP35 micro BLDC water pump Power: 1W~4W
Sunflow Mini brushless dc water pump DCP35 Series
Tidy size only with out diameter 35mm in RoHS, CE, UL standard
Voltage available 6V/12V /24VDC 90-240VAC with power adapter
Flow capacity range: 1L/min to 4L/min
Hydraulic Pressure up to 1.5 meter water level
Used for Medical Pump, coffee machine, Ice maker ,dish washing machine

DCP35 Series DC water pump generally specification
Model No. Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Hydraulic Pressure
(M H2O)
Flow Capacity
(dB 1m)
DCP35-12-2 12 0.15 0.8 2.0 ≤35dB 10000 2.0
DCP35-12-3 12 0.21 1.2 3.1 ≤35dB 10000 2.5
Model No. with “S”means this pump is submersible water pump
Model No. with “H”means this pump can working under the water temperature up to 100℃ or more
Model No. with “G”means this pump is Food Grade
For example DCP25-12-3SHG, means this pump is submersible, high temperature resistant and food grade level.
Notice: Flow rate, pressure, lead wires and connector available to be made upon customer’s requirement
Typical drawing of DCP35 dc pump
 DCP35 dc water pump drawing