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Sunflow make lots of customzed bldc motor design in diffrent Industries.  Here show some of the design examples in follow:

Brushless dc motor for mowing machine, supple the bldc motor to famous company


This brushless motor is specially design for garding mowing machine. With the brushless motor structure, 36VDC rate voltage, available for long time custting works. The max torque is 3N.m. The motor rotor and winding in unique design with Sunflow's patent. 

Our rotor(or extrenal rotor ) brushless dc fan, bldc centrifugal fan
外转子无刷直充风机brushless dc centrifugal fan design
This is a backward centrifugal fan on coil of brushless dc motor technologies. dc fan with aluminium impeller of Φ250mm, operation voltage range from 36V to 60V. Rate speed 2000RPM, Rated power 100Watt.  The motor design with sensorless bldc controller system, controller PCB inside of the fan. over current, over loading protection.

Brushless dc motor for air condition


空调用无刷直流电机brushless dc motor for air condition

This is most popular bldc motor for running of fan on air conditon, power range 10watt to 150watt.